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Cable installation vessels and subsea trenching assets at your service

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Normand Clipper


The latest member of our fleet. Normand Clipper was built 2001 as a Cable Laying and Repair Vessel.

Global Symphony


Purpose-built IMR and ROV support vessel

CS Recorder


DP2 cable installation, maintenance and repair vessel

Cable Innovator


DPS-2 vessel and is capable of handling a wide variety of subsea tasks

Cable Retriever


A purpose designed, all stern working cable ship, equipped with an XT600 ROV

C.S. Sovereign


Experienced DP2 cable installation and maintenance vessel

Wave Sentinel


Converted in 1999 as a cable lay and multi-purpose offshore support vessel.

Q1400 Trenching ROV

The Q1400 Trenching system has the capability to perform jet trenching in soils of up to 100 KPA and mechanical chain cutting of soils of up to 250 KPA.

Pre-Lay Plough PLP240

The Pre-lay Plough is an advanced multi-function pre-lay and backfill subsea plough, reducing the cost of subsea cable installation.

Atlas Series

The Atlas Series provide powerful, state of the art cable working ROVs, designed for both cable maintenance, post lay and inspection roles.

ST200 Series

The ST200 series of free-swimming remotely operated vehicles has established the benchmark for modern cable working ROVs.

XT600 Trenching System

The purpose-built system allows Global Marine to significantly enhance performance across the full range of demanding subsea cable maintenance, trenching and survey work.

Hi Plough

Global Marine’s range of Hi Ploughs meet the demand for deeper burial, and represent the latest in deep-water plough technology, operating to a depth of 2,000 metres.