Oil & Gas

Cable, pipeline and umbilical installation and trenching solutions to the oil & gas sector.

With an extraordinary history in delivering subsea projects Global Marine is in a prime position to offer a wide variety of innovative cabling and trenching solutions to the oil & gas sector.

Global Marine has the staff skill set, vessel capability and the subsea equipment available to provide installation and engineering services that deliver; pipeline, cable and umbilical installation and trenching, Permanent Reservoir Monitoring systems (PRM), platform-to-platform connectivity and complete platform to shore installation services.

As a total subsea solution provider, Global Marine offers a proven step-by-step approach for the life of a subsea system.

Installation vessel the Symphony and two Q1400 jet trenchers, soon to join the Global Marine Group fleet, have a track record of successful projects for customers in the oil & gas sector, for cable, pipeline and umbilical installation and trenching. The assets will join the Global Marine Group fleet once the acquisition of Fugro’s trenching and cable laying business is complete.

Broadband data networks are rapidly emerging as the most effective technology to support diverse advances in oil field management, and are installed to manage risk, supervise remote drilling operations and using real-time information to drive field economies.

The announcement of the acquisition of Fugro’s trenching and cable laying business in Q4 2017, now launched under new brand Global Offshore, adds further assets and experience to Global Marine, bringing an extensive track record having worked for oil & gas majors including Shell and BP.

Power cable installation, repair and trenching services to the offshore renewables, utilities and oil & gas markets are delivered by Global Offshore.

Our Oil & Gas Subsea Track Record

Widely considered as subsea cable experts, Global Marine has delivered comprehensive end-to-end solution on a diverse range of projects in the oil and gas sector.


North Sea Gas Major. Hybrid trenching on 3km flexible glowline and installation & burial of 6km umbilical. Vessel: Global Symphony – Location: North Sea


Al-Jurf Riser Replacement. Removal and abandonment & installation of replacement static/dynamic production riser sections between platform & FPSO. Vessel: Global Symphony – Location: Libya


Quad 204. Installation of new subsea infrastructure. Vessel: Global Symphony – Location: North Sea


Golden Eagle. Umbilical installation. Vessel: Global Symphony – Location: North Sea


Tampnet MCCS, North Sea. Lay and burial of 36km fibre optic cable with CEM deployment. Vessel: C.S. Sovereign – Client: Tampnet


Tampnet 4, North Sea. 74km inter-platform connectivity, including 4 branching units and mattress work. Vessel: Innovator – Client: Tampnet


Tampnet 3, North Sea. Installation of 87km of FOC between three platforms incorporating the deployment of three branching units. Vessel: Innovator – Client: Tampnet


PNG Lng Foc, Papua New Guinea. Lay & burial of 71km fibre optic cable. Vessel: Networker – Client: Saipem


Breagh A, UK. 104 km plough burial of shore to platform fibre optic cable. Vessel: Innovator – Client: Allseas


Fibre to Judy, UK. 30km ROV burial of inter platform cable. Vessel: Sovereign – Client: NSC


Valhall to Clyde, UK. 110km of plough burial between two platforms using the Super Mowhawk and Hi-Plough. Vessel: Sovereign – Client: NSC


Norne to Bronnoysund, Norway. 252km plough burial, shore to platform cable installation. Vessel: Sentinel – Client: Statoil

The Cabling Process for Oil & Gas Project

Oil and Gas fibre connectivity

I-Tube Engineering & Installation

A comprehensive range of engineering services: I‐Tube design and fabrication, I‐Tube installation, riser analysis, cable pull‐in design and engineering, cable pull‐ins, hang offs, offshore hook‐up and commissioning.

Cable Protection

Global Marine offers a variety of engineered cable protection solutions including mattressing and burial.

Specialist Cable Ships

Cable ships with DP2 capability, extensive global experience in the installation of small-diameter cable, a track record of operating within close proximity of oil & gas platforms.

UJ Services

Global Marine offers a comprehensive range of UJ services including: piece parts, training, equipment and jointer hire.


Global Marine has an extensive range of subsea equipment capable of operating to a maximum water depth of 2,500 metres.


Where offered available via consortiums or bespoke private maintenance agreements.

Platform to Platform Fibre Connectivity

Reliable communications in field for faster data analysis and contact between platforms.

Trenching & Burial Capability

A range of subsea equipment with the capability to operate to a maximum water depth of 2,500m with burial capability to 2m below the seabed. Deeper burial can be achieved using Injector and Rocksaw to a maximum of 12m beneath the seafloor.

J-Tube Engineering & Installation

A comprehensive range of engineering services: J‐Tube design and fabrication, J‐Tube installation, cable pull‐in design and engineering, cable pull‐ins, hang offs, offshore hook‐up and commissioning.

Platform to Shore Fibre Connectivity

Offshore communications installation specialists that deliver your data network requirements, with a wealth of experience in deep and shallow water operations.

Pre-Project Planning

Global Marine provides an end-to-end solution from desk top survey, route survey, route engineering and on-going project management and engineering expertise.