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Global Marine has an extensive track record of delivering successful subsea fibre optic cable installation, maintenance & repair projects for the telecommunications industry across the globe
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Global Marine has a legacy of installing and maintaining subsea cable that dates back to the 1850’s providing customers today with knowledge and a skill set second to none.

Vessel Capability

Installation in water depths ranging from the very shallow (less than 13m) to the very deep (more than 6000m) through our purpose built cable ships or barges converted to meet project requirements.

Deep Water Operations

Global Marine has installed over 300,000km subsea cable, 23% of the world’s total.


Global Marine offers maintenance solutions either via cable maintenance zones (ACMA, NAZ or SEAIOCMA) or through private maintenance agreements.


Post Lay Inspection & Burial minimises risk ultimately protecting the cable.

Cable Protection

Mitigating risk by engineered solutions for appropriate cable protection and burial.

Cable Protection

Global Marine offers a comprehensive range of UJ services including: piece parts, training, equipment and jointer hire.

Route Engineering

Our Route Engineering team provide a comprehensive range of services from desk top study, marine study and route engineering services to ensure the best and most cost effective subsea solution is found for your cable installation.

Diver Support

All diving activities globally are carried out under UK Health and Safety Executive Diving Regulations and codes of practice in addition to IMCA International Code of Practice for Offshore Diving.

Shallow Water Experts

Operating in a water zone under 13m, in challenging environments and often in close proximity to other cables.

Complete Solution Provider

Global Marine offers a comprehensive set of services for the life of a subsea cable from pre-project planning, skilled engineers and crew to install and robust maintenance solutions though to cable recovery and future system subsea solutions.

Pre-Laid Shore End

Using barges or vessels of opportunity equipped to install fibre optic cable from the landing point to deeper water this can be up to 25km or further in some circumstances until the water depth exceeds 13m.

Deep Burial

Global Marine’s Rocksaw and Injector are capable of deep burial in rock to a depth of 4 metres for Rocksaw and in softer seabed conditions for the Injector to a depth of 12 metres.

Landing Point

Whether it’s a beach manhole or OGB (Ocean Ground Bed) Global Marine deliver a complete offshore solution enabling end-to-end system connectivity.


One of many of the Cable Route Services offered to obtain and assist with any consents, licences, permits or other permissions required locally.

Cable Storage

Global Marine has storage facilities available for customers at our depots.

High speed communication networks are a standard commodity keeping the world connected

Global Marine specialises in offering a total subsea solution from concept with cable route planning to project engineering, then installation in both deep and shallow water, and for the life of the system providing comprehensive maintenance solutions.

Acknowledged as a market leader that is solid, reliable and proven Global Marine understands that each project is different and works together with customers and our joint venture partners to deliver a bespoke solution that meets business requirements and stands the test of time.

Our commendable track record means that customers return and have confidence in our ability to handle any subsea cable operation, even in the most challenging of environments.

Our rich subsea cable history dates back to the 1850’s and this combined with the fact that we have performed 32% of maintenance operations on world fibre optic cables has placed us in the enviable position of one of the maintenance providers of choice.

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