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Deep Sea Research

Essential fibre optic infrastructures allowing for effective observatory projects in deep sea research.

Global Marine’s heritage in subsea cable installation and maintenance assured its capability to deliver the fibre optic infrastructure required to bring ocean observatory projects to fruition. The scientific site relies on complete accuracy in terms of ascertaining the node and sensor deployment points and Global Marine’s vessels, staff and subsea equipment provide the capability to make this happen.

From project concept, Global Marine can assist with route engineering and project planning and once agreed offers an innovative engineered installation solution. When the ocean observatory is live and feeding data back to the mainland our maintenance solutions provide peace of mind and reassure scientists that their investment is being protected.

The Cabling Process for Deep Sea Research Projects

Deep sea research connectivity


Life time cable protection solutions are offered via our maintenance team whether through zone or private agreements.


The information gathered by ocean observatories varies from tidal movements, earthquake activity, marine biology and fishing patterns.

Installation Nodes

Global Marine has experience in the installation of nodes for scientific research.

Cable Protection

Cable protection is key to the lifespan of the system, Global Marine's amassed skill determines the most appropriate solution in the pre-project planning stage, which is executed during installation.

UJ Services

Global Marine offers a comprehensive range of UJ services including: piece parts, training, equipment and jointer hire.

Cable Route Services

Our pre-project planning encompasses, desk top studies, permitting, route survey and engineering Global Marine has successfully supported previous deep sea research projects with these services.

Deep Sea Installation

Global Marine with a legacy of 160 years of installing subsea cable is well placed to work on ocean observatory projects working commonly to a depth of 2,000 to 2,500m.

Environmental Considerations

Global Marine sets itself high environmental standards with any subsea cable project, it is imperative that these are fully adhered to when operating within an ocean observatory as any disruption can ultimately impact the research findings.