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XT600 Trenching System

The purpose-built system allows Global Marine to significantly enhance performance across the full range of demanding subsea cable maintenance, trenching and survey work.

The XT600 is the latest evolution of subsea cable maintenance vehicles. With 600HP, the XT600 buries subsea cable up to 3 metres deep, and in water depths up to 2,000 metres.


› Powered by 2 x 300hp motors
› Operates in tracked and free-fly. In free fly mode, the tracks are removed and skids fitted for weight reduction and hydrodynamic efficiencies
› Trenching assembly with two independent jetting arms, interchangeable nozzles and a cable depressor. Multiple arm and nozzle sizes for varying soil conditions and jetting depths
› Control system utilises evolutionary integrated control engine with fully redundant HMI computers. Pilot has independent control, position information and force indications; capable of small adjustments in yaw to provide more rapid engagement with the cable
› State of the art Cable Locating System (CLS) operates with active and/or passive techniques to provide constant cable and pipe location data
› Light compact frame design, with strength capability that allows operations in up to Sea State 6