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Atlas Series

The Atlas Series provide powerful, state of the art cable working ROVs, designed for both cable maintenance, post lay and inspection roles.

With 300kW of installed power, Atlas has substantial cable intervention and burial capability and a range down to 2,000 metres water depth.

Atlas has been used in numerous installation and repair projects including TAT 14; FLAG, where a repair was needed to a stretch of 1km of cable; as well as providing PLIB cable survey and inspection work on the Valhall Clyde project.


> Purpose built deployment and recovery mechanism with umbilical snatch limiter
> Permanently attached ‘Linksyn’ flotation ensures decreased launch and recovery times
> Comprehensive range of fore, mid and aft positioned burial tools
> Unique Global Marine designed “Hurricane” water turbine jet tool for burial of loops and cable in sand areas
> Modular/transportable self-sufficient remotely operated vehicle system
> TSS ‘dual track’ cable detection and tracking system
> Tritech Super Seaking obstacle avoidance sonar and seabed profiles
> Two Schilling Orion 7 function manipulators
> Cable cutter and cable gripper
> Sea state 6 launch and recovery system
> Full survey suite