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Global Marine Group announces new business unit ‘Global Offshore’ to serve the oil & gas sector

Wednesday 20th December 2017

The Global Marine Group (GMG), a market leader in offshore engineering services to the telecommunications, renewables and oil & gas industries, announced today the launch of Global Offshore, a new business unit that will deliver trenching and power cable laying services to the oil & gas sector.  Global Offshore will focus the staff, vessels and subsea equipment needed to meet the demands of oil & gas companies operating around the world, for projects that include pipeline, cable and umbilical installation and trenching, platform-to-platform connectivity and complete platform to subsea installation services.

Operating from a strategically located base in Aberdeen, Scotland, Managing Director Mike Daniel leads the Global Offshore team.  The team has an exemplary operational track record in a variety of seabed conditions for major global companies such as Shell and BP, including the installation of more than 470 power cables.  Global Offshore’s assets include the M/V Symphony, a multi-purpose vessel with an extensive 1,400m² deck space, two powerful and flexible Q1400 jet trenchers and two work class remotely operated vehicles.  In addition, depending on the needs of specific projects, Global Offshore will have access to GMG’s full capabilities and diverse fleet, including four specialist cable installation and repair vessels, four maintenance vessels and 16 Crew Transport Vessels.

“Offshore oil & gas customers, who often operate under demanding conditions, have always been important to the Global Marine Group,” said Ian Douglas, Chief Executive Officer of Global Marine Group.  “Adding industry leading and highly sought-after specialist trenching capabilities to our offering should create significant opportunities for our customers and for the entire Global Marine Group for years to come.”

Global Offshore will sit alongside existing GMG business units Global Marine and CWind.  Global Marine provides fibre-optic cable installation and maintenance solutions to global telecommunications providers and supports installation projects and significant long-term maintenance agreements for the Atlantic Cable Maintenance Agreement (ACMA), South East Asia and Indian Ocean Cable Maintenance Agreement (SEAIOCMA) and North America Zone (NAZ).

CWind delivers power cable and asset management services topside and subsea to the offshore renewables and utilities markets, a market that is widely forecasted to witness significant long-term growth.  CWind most recently conducted a number of high-profile offshore power cable projects, including the rapid deployment of the C.S. Sovereign to repair the power connection between the Isles of Scilly and the UK mainland, in addition to a cable installation project at the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm.  CWind also holds a number of operations and maintenance contracts, with the longest running until 2036 at the offshore and onshore substations at Westermost Rough offshore wind farm.