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Pre-Lay Plough

The Pre-lay Plough is an advanced multi-function pre-lay and backfill subsea plough, reducing the cost of subsea cable installation.

The Pre-lay Plough reduces the cost of offshore wind by minimising the operational risk and the time required to install subsea cables. The system offers unrivalled single pass capability delivering boulder clearance and pre-trenching up to 1.7m in a single run, leaving a boulder cleared swathe and a ‘backfill-ready’ open trench with segregated spoil.

The system is fully subsea adjustable and features an extensive surveillance suite for accurate route tracking and effective trenching. This extensive functionality is provided through Osbit’s class-leading control technology, which consists of an open source modular system incorporating Osbit Integrated Logistics Support (OILS) asset monitoring, packaged in an ergonomic control cabin.

The plough can also be reconfigured into backfill mode, which uses the same control and surveillance suite to monitor the cable and trench profile, enabling reliable backfilling whilst ensuring the safety of the cable at all times.


  • 200t Continuous Pull
  • Single Pass – All modes
  • Boulder Size – up to 1000mm all boulders in trench will be unearthed
  • Trench Profile – “Y” Type Base 500mm Wide 700mm Depth – Y @ 45 Degrees
  • Clearance Corridor – 10m – 16m Width
  • Depth Control – Variable – All modes



  • Depth rating – 500m
  • Weight – 115 tonnes
  • Length – 15.4m
  • Width – 10.3m – 16.0m
  • Height – 5.2m
  • Burial depth – Variable up to 1.7m
  • Soil type – All up to 600kpa
  • Launch – A-frame or crane Sea State 6