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Second Engineer


The Second Engineer is responsible to the Chief Engineer and shall undertake duties as allocated or directed by the Chief Engineer. The Second Engineer may be employed in either watch keeping, or day work duties as required.


  • Be responsible to the Chief Engineer for the safe and efficient operation of all machinery and equipment for which the Engineering Department has responsibility.
  • Be responsible for the day to day running and supervision of the Engine Department, and for the allocation of responsibility regarding maintenance and operating duties.
  • Be familiar with the machinery and systems, so that in an emergency, essential services can be safely and speedily restored. The Second Engineer must have a full understanding of, and abide by, Company policies, procedures and instructions, and the Code of Safe Working Practices and shall ensure that the staff under his control is adequately trained.
  • Be aware of class requirements and to be responsible for the preparation of machinery for survey, as directed by the Chief Engineer.
  • Be responsible for ensuring that the information, presented in the engine room log, maintenance records, water condition logs and other information, as required, is accurate and up to date.
  • Be responsible for advising the Chief Engineer of spare gear requirements.
  • Ensure that maintenance and repair work, done under their control in the Engine Department is adequately supervised and carried out in a safe manner, without contravention of applicable rules and regulations. The Second Engineer is accountable to the Chief Engineer for the discipline of ship’s staff under his control.
  • Assist the Chief Engineer with the preparation of the Running Repair list, supervision of major repairs and dockings. The Second Engineer shall meet and discuss daily with the Chief Engineer and those under his control, planned work schedules, progress and defects/problems encountered.
  • Be a “Responsible Person” for all operations requiring a work permit. The Second Engineer shall ensure that all safety precautions are taken, and that the work is carried out in a safe manner and in accordance with the Code of Safe Working Practices.
  • The Second Engineer shall, under normal circumstances, be the Ship’s Safety Officer.
  • Be prepared to adopt other duties within remit of multi-skilling objectives as agreed and advised prior to appointment.

Responsible to:

Chief Engineer, or another officer as instructed.


Promotion criteria & required competence

  • Meet the promotion criteria laid out within the Careers within the GMSL Fleet Guidance Document (GMSL-A-GU-0003)
  • Possesses the required competencies for this rank as detailed within the Fleet HR System (CASYS) Certification & training
  • Possesses the required certification and valid training as detailed within the Fleet HR System (CASYS)



  • 2/E CoC unlimited
  • UK CoC/CeC
  • Valid STCW documents
  • ENG1 medical or equivalent
  • US C1D visa (if available)
  • Valid passport
  • Fully vaccinated (COVID)
  • Offshore vessel experience